Making Disaster Recovery Work for Virtual Machines

Virtualization has delivered undeniable benefits to enterprise computing. Traditional disaster recovery (DR) solutions, however, have not kept pace with the demands of new virtual datacenters. 

View this product webinar and learn from Nutanix experts how to:

  • Build a VM-centric DR solution that works for any workload
  • Leverage native replication built into converged server solutions to simplify enterprise-wide business continuity projects
  • Minimize WAN traffic requirements for even the highest change data rates
  • Customize DR topologies and policies for your organization  

How Big Data Technologies Power Facebook

How does a massive cloud infrastructure like Facebook intelligently manage and analyze petabytes of data generated from billions of users every day?

Watch this advanced technical webinar and learn:

  • The core technologies powering Facebook infrastructure
  • How big data technologies such as HBase are used to manage billions of chat messages, SMS and emails per day
  • The right way to leverage distributed systems to meet stringent infrastucture SLAs and monitor datacenter health
  • How open source technologies can be used by mainstream enterprise
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8 Strategies for Building a Modern Datacenter 

Is your datacenter struggling to keep pace with dynamic business demands?

Watch this webinar to learn about the eight fundamental strategies that lead to a more efficient, manageable and scalable datacenter. 

  • Switch to modular building block architecture
  • Converge infrastructure wherever possible
  • Let software drive the datacenter
  • Overcome fear of commodity hardware
  • Make end-user computing a first-class citizen
  • Break down silos for increased flexibility
  • Build a hybrid cloud
  • Move beyond disaster recovery to service continuity

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View past webinars from the Summer Webinar Series featuring experts and thought leaders on a variety of topics. 

Big Data Fundamentals and Infrastructure Requirements

What exactly is Big Data and how can it transform routine enterprise IT information into actionable insights?

View this technology-focused webinar and learn:

  • Fundamental Big Data concepts, such as MapReduce, HDFS, NoSQL and more
  • How to decide whether Big Data solutions are right for your organization
  • How to get the datacenter network ready for Big Data
  • Best practices for using Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to manage the Hadoop clusters at large scale

Building OpenStack on a Single 2U Appliance

OpenStack promises to be the open source cloud operating system. Automated provisioning and management of network, server and storage resource via a single dashboard is great, but how can you get the same one-stop-shop simplicity for the underlying infrastructure? 

View this advanced private cloud webinar and learn:

  • Why OpenStack is much more than just hype
  • A summary of key OpenStack technologies
  • Why to consider converged infrastructure for building private clouds
  • The right way to scale-out OpenStack deployments

Taking the Complexity (and time) Out of Virtual Desktop Deployments

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and End User Computing (EUC) solutions promise a variety of enterprise benefits – lower IT costs, employee friendly BYOD and enhanced data security. But these same solutions can introduce complexity and risk if not handled with care.  

Watch this technology webinar and learn about:

  • How converged infrastructure solutions can power production-scale EUC and VDI projects
  • Best practices for EUC planning and deployments
  • Bringing predictability to user experience and infrastructure scalability  

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