The sensitive data stored by financial service institutions (FSIs) makes them a prime target for a ransomware attack. Most FSIs have a ransomware strategy in place, but is your plan built for resilience?

Insufficient data storage and ineffective security can put your institution at risk. As you deepen your digital transformation, it’s vital you take steps to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack and mitigate the impact, should a breach occur.

Watch Nutanix CISO Sebastian Goodwin discuss the challenges facing enterprises in data management and combating ransomware.

Our new e-book Secure your organisation’s future today outlines how you can become ransomware resilient and fortify data storage for friction-free growth:

  • Discover how to maintain business continuity by detecting threats early and blocking attacks

  • Understand how to protect data fast and flexibly with easy adoption and automation

  • Learn how to gain business value fast through attack prevention and reduced running costs

With the click of a few buttons, you can provision a highly available Files cluster,

- Erik Dahlgren, Director of Cloud System Operations, Bottomline Technologies

Ensure your financial service stays protected and can grow for the future with smarter, more secure data storage and an enhanced network architecture.

Secure your data by taking control

Unstructured data is bountiful in financial services and a target for criminals. With our support, you will be able identify new and emerging threats, gain peace-of-mind from secured data storage, and educate your teams on what happens when files are compromised and how to minimise or recover from an attack.

Adopt and automate easily

As financial services are highly regulated, organizations must keep pace with changing standards. Adopting flexible, automated working demands a platform that can be deployed quickly and simply into any tech stack. Adopt enterprise-grade software without the grind usually associated with integrating new technology.

See business value fast

Great data storage isn’t just cost-effective, it can reduce, even eliminate, the huge costs associated with a ransomware attack. On top of that, you can gain value by being well positioned to efficiently turn data into enhanced decision-making.

Maintain continuity, no matter what

A ransomware attack can disrupt a dispersed workforce’s ability to operate normally. Financial service firms need processes in place to ensure their business keeps moving forward. With the right data storage, you can de-silo teams as well as data, plan, and adopt technology with less fear of events throwing you off course.

Let’s get your business protected

The Nutanix Unified Storage portfolio offers the broadest, most complete ransomware solution on the market — including Files, Block, Objects and Data Lens.

Nutanix was named as a visionary in Gartner’s 2022 magic quadrant for distributed file systems and object storage.

Nutanix was also recognized as a “Major Player” in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for Distributed Scale-Out File System.

Gartner Peer Insights lists 84% of peers rating Nutanix as a five star service, with an overall score of 4.8 out of five.